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Calling All Texas Libertarians!

For those of you who identify yourself as a Libertarian here in Texas, the time is getting closer for us to begin the convention process for the election this year. This year, the Libertarian Party has many candidates running for different offices (local, state, and federal), and if you want to be a part of voting in real liberty-minded individuals into office (as well as vote out and keep out anyone of the corrupt old parties), there are a few things that you need to do.

First off, the most important rule: Do Not Vote In The Primaries! Voting in the primaries will register you as a Republican or a Democrat, and this will keep you from being a voting member in any of the Libertarian conventions. As a Texas Libertarian, it is important that you skip the primaries, and attend the Precinct Convention. It’s at this particular convention where you will officially be registered as a Libertarian here in the State of Texas, and will be able to attend the following convention: the County Convention! This is where you will vote for the County Executive Committee for the 2020-2022 term as well as local election candidates, and nominate both the delegates and alternates for the State Convention.

Afterwards, depending if there are any candidates running for both state and federal district spots, you will be able to attend the District Conventions to officially nominate the candidate to run for particular district-wide races on the ballot. Eventually, if you are nominated as a delegate or alternate, the next step is to attend the State Convention where delegates will get to vote on the State Executive Committee members as well as officially nominate statewide candidates for the ballot and choose delegates and alternates for the National Convention.

Finally, if you are able to become a delegate or alternate for the National Convention, you will be able to attend the largest gathering of Libertarians across the county to vote not just for the National Executive Committee, but also officially nominate the presidential candidate!

We, the proud liberty-loving members of the Libertarian Party of Texas, invite you to join us, especially if you identify politically as a Libertarian! The best way to find out what we are all about is to join your local Libertarian party at their monthly meetings.

Together, we will prevail in our fight for liberty! Vote Libertarian!


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