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FILM CORNER - What Will 2021 Bring For Us?

Well, as of this post, it is January 1, 2021. A day that many have been waiting for, and many have questions on what this New Year will bring. Will it be a relief year after all the things that occurred in 2020, or will it be a continuation?

As for me (an independent filmmaker, cinephile, anime fan, and consumer of entertaining media), I wonder what this year will bring when it comes to entertainment. Last year, due to the lock downs, there has been an obvious increase of media presented on streaming platforms (such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max,etc.), and I honestly don't see this faulting any time soon.

There has been the slow return of people going to the cinema, and this was a big one for me as I got to see films like Monster Hunter and Wonder Woman 1984 on the big screen instead of my smart TV. Personally, in my opinion, I believe a major motion picture is better suited to be seen on the big screen for that true cinema experience.

I know, as a filmmaker, I've experienced weird and tight scheduling with some of the films I worked on from mid-within to the tail end of 2020. However, I was able to get three short films finished, two others in rough work-in-progress cuts, and a couple more in the planning stages.

Maybe we'll see more major motion pictures return to the big screen instead of being streamed. Maybe we'll see more exclusive releases on certain streaming platforms. Maybe we'll see the return of in-person film festivals (something I miss very much).

All I can say is that only time will tell.


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