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PODCAST: No Viet Cong Ever Called Me… Mel Roberson discusses race and justice in the U.S.

Author, actor, businessman and double MBA, Mel Roberson ( joins us to talk about the George Floyd murder and subsequent protests across the U.S. We get into the real experience that is being black in America and how racism is still here, like it or not. He talks about his family, his upbringing, and the challenge of moving forward with his own kids. As Will Smith said, “Racism is not getting wor

se, it’s getting filmed.” His book, 31 Amazing Lessons of Joshua Stokes, is a five time Amazon best seller. His acting credits include Empire, the Chi and Chicago P.D. Sure to be a friend of the show, Roberson’s insights are must listen for anyone finding themselves remotely confused about this time in our history.


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