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Editor's Letter

Freedom means Transparency. Free means Independent. Beholden is not Free.

I've founded 8 tech startups - helping rewrite the energy sector, but I started in tech during the internet boom, at a cool little company that owned That got me into media.  In  2005 I started one of the first major blogs in energy and climate. In 2007 my was named a Best Best 50 Business Blog by the London Times alongside luminary blogs like Freakonomics and TechCrunch, and syndicated by such sources as CNET,, and Christian Science Monitor. It was named a must read by the CEO of Cragislist in the Wall Street Journal on the 10 year anniversary of blogging. It consisted of me and 5 volunteers - no one of us had ever been media.

I've been quoted and cited on energy, policy, technology, and finance in hundreds of publications and almost every major news source in the country, Wall Street Journal, Time, Financial Times, Fortune, Forbes, Houston Chronicle, San Francisco Chronicle, New York Times, Bloomberg et al.

In 2018 I ran for United States Senate for Texas in 2018 as the Libertarian Nominee.  I learned that after 200 years of American history, we are still in desperate need of new free, independent, media - media beholden to no one.


Media willing to stand up for the little guy, and the next generation.  So in 2020 we launched the Texas Free Press. Because somebody ought to.


Neal Dikeman

Editor, Texas Free Press

About the Texas Free Press


The Texas Free Press, published on is an all volunteer, independent media platform for politics, history, culture, energy, technology, and sports.  Its writers are leading columnists from across the political spectrum and from all walks of life.  The Texas Free Press relaunched in 2020 is the successor to the West Texas Free Press, established in 1876, and, named a 50 Best Business Blog by the London Times.

Why is it called the Texas Free Press?

Because Texas and Free naturally go together.  And Free and Press naturally go together.  In the late 1800s a number of Free Press served counties across Texas.  Today we are expanding the Texas Free Press statewide and nationwide.

Support the Free Press

Our contributors are not paid, it's all volunteer, but we do have costs and appreciate support, and the Free Press shares residual back to our columnists.  You can subscribe to premium content for $7/month, or $50/year and get things like this Voter Guide.  Or become a Press Benefactor for $25/mo and receive exclusive access to our amazing columnists and surveys.  


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