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John McAfee

Constitutionalist, Anarcho-Capitalist, Radical






What is your position on climate change and the environment?

I prefer plastic straws and would like a disposable bag for my beer and cigarettes, please.

What is your position on national defense?

There is no shortage of nations that appear to require a defense from the United States.

What is your position on drug legalization?

Legalize it.

What is your position on immigration?

Emigration is a far more attractive proposition at this point.

What is your position on gun control?

I try to remain in control of all of my guns.

What is your position on health care?

When I need it, I pay for it.

What is your position on tax policy?

There should be no policy.

What is your position on monetary policy?

There should be no policy.


What is your position on fiscal policy and the national debt?

There should be no policy and no debt.

What is your position on trade?

Trade freely and often.

What is your position on abortion/reproductive rights?

I know several missed opportunities personally.

What is your position on education policy?

Not the purview of government.

What is your position on Social Security and Medicare?  

Not the purview of government.

What is your position on energy policy?

Not the purview of government.

Why are you running for president?

To wake the sleeping giant.

What issues do you believe should be key issues in this race?

No issues. The issues are a distraction.

What is your strategy to win or effect change in this race?

A Libertarian cannot win this race. Get real, people!

What makes you a Libertarian?

People that choose to label me.

What do you believe the role of the Libertarian Party should be?

Getting some real attention would be a good start.

What do you believe is the proper role of government?

To cease to exist.

What makes you qualified to be president?


If you had one personal or professional reference to make your case to be President, who would you pick, and what would they say about you?

Rob Loggia. Nobody knows what Rob might say at any given moment. This is one of the things that makes him so much fun.

What do you believe has held the Libertarian party back from Electoral Success, and how will you change that?

Our entire approach, combined with the design of a system working as intended.

How will you drive media, and what would you tell Libertarian delegates about your experience and track record in the media?

My record for attracting media speaks for itself. If nominated I will bring media to the Party such as it has never experienced. No other candidate on that stage can state this with any credibility.

If elected, how would you govern as the only elected Libertarian in Washington with Congress controlled by the other two parties?

I cannot and will not be elected. What don't you get?

How will you answer a voter’s concern that they are unwilling to vote for a Libertarian because you are unlikely to win?

I would ask how such an insightful person could at the same time be so stupid.

What message would you deliver to attract Non-Libertarian voters?

The same message of freedom I deliver on a daily basis.

What makes you the best candidate to lead the Libertarian ticket in 2020?

No other candidate can move the ball. I can at least get us to national attention.

How would you bridge the factional divide in the Libertarian Party?

I would not. Dissent is good.

How would you apply the non-aggression principle to policy?

The only way to apply the NAP is by living it. Doing so ensures sane policy.

What is your fundraising experience, and how will you finance a national campaign?

I will not fund my campaign. The press works for me for free.

What campaign organization do you have in place for a national campaign?

A motley band of ragamuffins and my lovely wife, Janice.

Describe your campaign to date


Will you be at the Libertarian National Convention in Austin, Texas?


What is the status of your campaign?

Actively seeking the nomination.

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