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Vermin Love Supreme

Radical, Libertarian, Rainbow Anarchist






By now, most of the world has heard about Vermin Supreme. Most of the rumors are true, some are exaggerated, and some are just downright dirty lies. So, let us set the record straight, shall we? The boot is not a part of Vermin Supreme. Some kings wear crowns. Some generals wear brightly colored ribbons and medals. Vermin Supreme wears a boot because he has earned it. Through years of activism and working towards peaceful solutions where people and authority clash, Vermin's boot is simply a symbol of peace and love. At times when things get so intense and there seems to be no way out without violence, the Boot represents hope. Vermin Supreme has dedicated his life to the simple task of making the world a better place by pointing and laughing at those who are set on oppressing the masses. Along with his in-the-streets activism, Vermin has run political campaigns to humorously chide those who "seriously" seek power in order to satisfy their own narcissistic needs. This service has uniquely qualified him as a man who can both work a massive crowd and can also play verbal chess with the best orators in the game. Vermin Supreme has decided to use his talents towards a serious goal this election cycle. In all his years of fighting government every step of the way, he started to notice that there were often allies fighting with him. These people called themselves "libertarians". Vermin was under the impression that they were simply Republicans who wanted to smoke pot. He wasn't against them smoking pot for sure, but he didn't think of himself as a Republican, even though he had run as one. Over time, and by some notable Libertarians reaching out to him, Vermin realized that he actually was a libertarian. By some more coaxing, he joined the party and was talked into running for president yet again. This time, not as a phony-bologna statist, but as the true anti-statist that he has been all along. Yes, this time is different. This time is special. This time is Vermin Time!

What is your position on climate change and the environment?

The environment is our home. We all live here, and we shouldn't let politics determine the fate of our home. Right now, the greatest pollution threats remain the US Military-Industrial Complex and developing nations trying to grow their economies by any means possible. The first problem shouldn't exist in the first place. Colonialism is so 19th century and meddling in foreign affairs indicates that all things are perfect at home. Well, I doubt the majority of Americans think their domestic situation is perfect. The US has NO business maintaining bases and sending troops to the four corners of the world. Secondly, every person who purchases products votes with their dollar. The internet has given each of us the power to know where our goods are made, how their made, and what the impact to the environment is. Shop smart. Don't be a mindless consumer. It's really a game-change.

What is your position on national defense?

As discussed above, the current US policy is anything but "defense". Establishing a true national defense and nothing more is the correct policy for the environment, the people, and our future.

What is your position on drug legalization?

I prefer complete decriminalization. Legalize typically implies tax, control, and limit. Free people should be free to make any decision for themselves, even if it is a bad decision. The War on Drugs has been an utter failure. Continuing it is peak stupidity. Decriminalize all drugs and let society find solutions to the problems that arise.

What is your position on immigration?

Free people should be free to travel and live where they see fit. If the American people truly own and run this country, it should be up to the individual whether they desire to host someone upon their private property. Currently, this is not the case. A private landowner or business owner is subject to raids, fines, and incarceration if they are found harboring "illegal" immigrants. Legalize compassion, please.

What is your position on gun control?

A Vermin Supreme presidency plans to take your guns and give you BETTER guns. That's it.

What is your position on health care?

Healthcare is a business. As with most businesses, the more government gets involved, the worse the business suffers. The healthcare industry is currently overburdened with bureaucracy and red tape. Getting rid of this bureaucracy would free up hospitals and doctors to run their businesses more efficiently, which in turn would allow them to profit and still distribute compassionate care. Doctors take an oath to care for patients. They should be the ones making the tough choices.

What is your position on tax policy?

Taxes are a means to coerce and control the population. Coercion violates the Non-Aggression Principle. Therefore, Taxes are immoral.

What is your position on monetary policy?

Money is a brilliant advancement of human civilization. Whether it be gold, silver, salt, or wampum, a means of exchange allows free trade without the restrictions of barter. However, today's banksters have used every cheat to tilt the odds in their favor. From manipulation interest rates to inflation, the banking industry uses dirty tricks to defraud people of the fruits of their labor. Money is good, but sound money is better. Let us find the best path forward to making our money worthy and stable once again.

What is your position on fiscal policy and the national debt?

A prosperous nation should not be in debt. So, there are two choices. Either the US is a prosperous nation, or things aren't as good as they seem. Right now, the latter seems fitting. Debts should be resolved as soon as possible, because paying interest is throwing away money.

What is your position on trade?

Trade, like ponies, should be free.

What is your position on abortion/reproductive rights?

Abortion/reproductive rights has no place in politics. A woman has a right to her body. A child is a precious thing, and most people understand that. So, no one has a right to interfere in with a decision a woman may make while consulting with her doctor. Especially not a politician looking for votes.

What is your position on education policy?

Children are hungry to learn. Children are impressionable. The current system takes advantage of this and exploits children to rote memorization of facts to be regurgitated. Children should be free to learn, and parents should be free to instruct their children as they see fit. If this involves home school, that is great. If private school can be afforded, that option is good too. Most kids currently go to public school. Public school is fine too, as long as children are allowed flexibility in how and what they learn. The federal government with its massive programs has been the antithesis of what true learning involves. Doing away with the Department of Education would be the natural first step in remedying this problem.

What is your position on Social Security and Medicare?  

Social Security has proven itself to be the trillion-dollar Ponzi scheme that was fleeced long ago by politicians in Washington DC.

What is your position on energy policy?

When Zombie power finally comes online, we won't need to worry about energy concerns. Until then, a free market of competition in the energy field allowing the best technologies to prosper is probably our best chance at getting energy independent. A diversified portfolio is also desirable. This would require agencies like the Department of Energy, The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), and others to step out of the way and allow the free market to pick winners and losers for us. Currently, these entities are best at picking losers.

Why are you running for president?

Politics over the years has devolved into a big Dog and Pony show. I plan to run for president to simplify is to only a Pony show. Thank you.

What issues do you believe should be key issues in this race?

Autonomy. The individual is the largest minority group in the world. No two of us are alike. This is something that is celebrated with lip-service, but the policies and laws that lord over us say otherwise. Authority would prefer a world full of cookie-cutter copies that follow orders. Many of us follow orders just to avoid conflict. And by avoiding conflict, we appear to consent to authority. It's time to stand up to unjust laws and rules. It’s time to fight back against coercion. It will only get worse if we don't

What is your strategy to win or effect change in this race?

My name recognition through years of activism is a distinct advantage to me as a candidate and to the Libertarian Party. Together, we can spread the message of freedom for all. Libertarian candidates are notoriously ignored by the news media. So, what if we give them a candidate they can't afford to ignore?

What makes you a Libertarian?

I have always believed in individual freedom. I have fought for this freedom in the streets alongside the anti-war movement and the gay rights/LGBTQ movements. Nothing bothers me more than seeing someone marginalized for what they believe or what they feel, much less who they are. Every human life is precious, and it's about time we start acting like it is.

What do you believe the role of the Libertarian Party should be?

The Libertarian Party is largely a teacher of a better way for all. As Libertarians, we accept the high calling of being a better human being to our fellow man, as well as standing against the institutions that aim to dehumanize all of us. We can use many methods to get this message out, whether it be protests or elections, but foremost this message is key.

What do you believe is the proper role of government?

Government, if it is allowed to exist, should be small, local, and beholden to the will of the people.

What makes you qualified to be president?

Honestly, no one is qualified to be president with the current power and authority that exists with the office. Psychopaths seek the office to wield this power and use it to their own advantage. Do you want the old psychopath, a different psychopath, or someone who believes that this power should never exist? The choice can be yours this election.

If you had one personal or professional reference to make your case to be President, who would you pick, and what would they say about you?

I would pick the visual artist, Roderick Webber. Rod has been a friend and confidant for many years. He has even done a documentary about me. Being active in politics and protests, Rod brings the most rounded perspective to what I do, in my opinion. I think Rod would say (Rod, please read this so we can get our stories straight) that he feels I am the best possible candidate for the Libertarian Party because I represent where the future of politics is headed. People are getting tired of being bossed around. People are getting tired of being watched by Big Brother. People want to live their lives as they see fit. They don't mind being led by example, and that's all any leader really should be.

What do you believe has held the Libertarian party back from Electoral Success, and how will you change that?

The Libertarian Party has mostly been held back by a system that prefers only two choices. The "first-past-the-post" system is inherently built for the two-party structure. The limits to ballot access and media blackouts further exacerbate this situation. The Libertarian Party has also been held back by itself. It has been too afraid to be different from the duopoly. The LP keeps it freak flag folded up in its pocket by insisting on running major party cast-offs as mimics of politics as usual. If you agree with this, I think you know who the obvious choice is here.

How will you drive media, and what would you tell Libertarian delegates about your experience and track record in the media?

Media is interested in interesting characters. I guess they think I am interesting, because I've been interviewed by multiple magazines, been on a multitude of podcasts, and even got invited to appear on Fox News. Delegates just need to understand that there is plenty more where that came from when I get on the ballot.

If elected, how would you govern as the only elected Libertarian in Washington with Congress controlled by the other two parties?

Being from neither party is an absolute advantage. Neither side will know who to hate. Seriously, people are people. Issues are issues. We talk. We negotiate. Finally getting the partisanship out of the way might actually make Congress not completely useless.

How will you answer a voter’s concern that they are unwilling to vote for a Libertarian because you are unlikely to win?

The colonists were unlikely to win the Revolutionary War. Abraham Lincoln was unlikely to win the White House in 1860. American history is full of underdog stories. You cast your vote for the best candidate, and I'll handle the rest.

What message would you deliver to attract Non-Libertarian voters?

The Libertarian Party has struggled to get its message out for so long because it has either nominated principled people from inside the party who are unknowns on the outside, or it has clambered to get a known politician with some libertarian views to run. Neither of these scenarios has been largely successful. What I offer is a name/character that is well-known outside the LP, that is willing to stand unabashedly behind the Libertarian Party Platform. This will be a first for the LP, and I think it will bring us success.



What makes you the best candidate to lead the Libertarian ticket in 2020?

I would venture to say that I am the most well-known candidate in the US and abroad. My satire is well known, but I have developed a plan to weave that satire within the Libertarian Platform. I've demonstrated this in many of the debates that I've participated in thus far. So, I can use this character that I've used for years to draw attention, then drop truth-bombs on the heads of unsuspecting listeners. This is the exposure the Libertarian Party has desperately needed for many years, in my estimation.

How would you bridge the factional divide in the Libertarian Party?

I have been working with several libertarian thinkers on the concept of "bottom unity". Libertarian thinking is placed on the bottom of the political compass. This compass divides libertarianism into left and right. In my opinion, as you get away from Authoritarian thinking, the left-right paradigm fades into oblivion. Who cares what your neighbor thinks about economics or labor when he has no bearing on your life?

How would you apply the non-aggression principle to policy?

Non-aggression should be human nature. The fact that "authority" makes something that is typically unacceptable magically okay is a glitch. We need to get rid of that glitch in every aspect of human life, especially when it comes to government and its institutions.

What is your fundraising experience, and how will you finance a national campaign?

So far, my campaign has raised about $20,000. It has all been very grassroots, small donor based. We are constantly coming up with new ways to monetize the character of Vermin Supreme. We feel that a national run, with a name guaranteed on the ballot will open up a lot of new ways to gain funding.

What campaign organization do you have in place for a national campaign?

Team Supreme already boasts over 50 active members performing multiple functions in the campaign. We have a press and communications team, a social media team, delegate recruiting and training, as well as multiple local teams mobilized to get signatures in areas that require them for ballot access. We conduct weekly meetings and assign tasks and mobilize help to various events and conventions. We are quite proud of the bunch.

Describe your campaign to date

So far, we have participated in several state conventions and a large number of debates. We have won several straw polls and typically have finished in second or third in the polls we did not win.

Will you be at the Libertarian National Convention in Austin, Texas?


What is the status of your campaign?

Actively seeking the nomination.

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