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Adam Kokesh

Minarchist, Anarcho-Capitalist, Radical, Objectivist, Libertarian






Adam Kokesh joined the US Marines at age 17 and volunteered for combat duty in Iraq in 2004. This critical experience showed him that war is a racket and led him to deeply question his most cherished statist beliefs. He first rose to fame as an anti-war activist before branching out into other areas, often taking action too risky for other activists. In 2010, he became an independent journalist as ADAM VS THE MAN. He has been arrested and gone to jail dozens of times standing up for his convictions. He began writing FREEDOM! while caged in Washington, DC. While he has inspired millions with his speeches, videos, and civil disobedience, his greatest contribution to the cause of freedom is the concept of localization as a way to overcome statism and achieving a free world. He is running for President of the United States with the Libertarian Party ( on the platform of the peaceful, responsible dissolution of the entire federal government.

What is your position on climate change and the environment?

The best solutions will come from voluntary cooperation, not government.

What is your position on national defense?

We should pursue the founders' vision of a decentralized, militia-based defense.

What is your position on drug legalization?

Government has no business deciding what we're allowed to put in our own bodies.

What is your position on immigration?

The only legitimate borders are private property borders.

What is your position on gun control?

You have a right to defend yourself as you see fit.

What is your position on health care?

Government should have nothing to do with it.

What is your position on tax policy?


What is your position on monetary policy?

Government shouldn't have one. Money should be a voluntary product of the market.

What is your position on fiscal policy and the national debt?

The debt is intergenerational child abuse. You can't force a debt on someone without their consent.

What is your position on trade?

Government should provide no barriers to free trade.

What is your position on abortion/reproductive rights?

Government should have nothing to do with it.

What is your position on education policy?

Get government completely out of it.

What is your position on Social Security and Medicare?  

You should have the right to opt out.

What is your position on energy policy?

Government shouldn't have one.

Why are you running for president?

To dissolve the federal government in a peaceful, orderly, responsible bankruptcy process leaving us with fifty independent states and up to 562 sovereign native nations.

What issues do you believe should be key issues in this race?

Unity, localization, freedom.

What is your strategy to win or effect change in this race?

Continue to unify Americans of all different ideologies around the "everybody gets what they want" strategy: localization!

What makes you a Libertarian?

The ethical message of voluntaryism.



What do you believe the role of the Libertarian Party should be?

Achieving nothing less than a world set free on our lifetime.

What do you believe is the proper role of government?

Only that which it is granted voluntarily.

What makes you qualified to be president?

No one is qualified to be President and I will abolish the position on day one.

If you had one personal or professional reference to make your case to be President, who would you pick, and what would they say about you?

My mother would tell you how hard I work and dedicated I am to the cause of freedom.

What do you believe has held the Libertarian party back from Electoral Success, and how will you change that?

The more we present love and ethics, the better we get. Localization is the ultimate embodiment of that.

How will you drive media, and what would you tell Libertarian delegates about your experience and track record in the media?

I will hustle like no other and continue to create innovative media, media events, street theater, and civil disobedience as I have over the last twelve years. I've been interviewed on every major network and the platform of this campaign has gotten me hundreds of interviews already.

If elected, how would you govern as the only elected Libertarian in Washington with Congress controlled by the other two parties?

I would not. I will resign on day one to become the bankruptcy agent of the federal government.

How will you answer a voter’s concern that they are unwilling to vote for a Libertarian because you are unlikely to win?

Voting for one of the old parties is throwing your vote away. Put it to good use!

What message would you deliver to attract Non-Libertarian voters?

When government is localized, it immediately becomes more customized. That's why localization is the "everybody gets what they want" approach.

What makes you the best candidate to lead the Libertarian ticket in 2020?

I hope to have the honor of being our nominee for President so that you can be confident we have a candidate who can clearly communicate libertarian principles, get national media attention, leverage existing national name ID,  present a platform that unites, and show America what it means to be Libertarian and why people like us will do whatever it takes to stand up to government, take a stand against injustice, and ensure nothing less than a world set free in our lifetime!

How would you bridge the factional divide in the Libertarian Party?

Localization is the cure for polarization, even within the party.

How would you apply the non-aggression principle to policy?


What is your fundraising experience, and how will you finance a national campaign?

As a board member of Iraq Veterans Against the War, my own nonprofit the FREEDOM! Fund, and on multiple political campaigns including with Veterans for Ron Paul. I will continue to tap my existing fan base, grow it, and keep setting records.

What campaign organization do you have in place for a national campaign?

Five Regional Coordinators, over 45 State Coordinators, a Press Secretary, writing team, IT team, social media team, Treasurer/Accountant, Logistics Coordinator, Coalitions Director, and a Campaign Manager on staff.

Describe your campaign to date


Will you be at the Libertarian National Convention in Austin, Texas?


What is the status of your campaign?

Actively seeking the nomination.

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