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American Hypocalypse

Hypocalypse (Hip-ah-cō-lips): noun. An avalanche of hypocritical bullshit, so mind numbingly stupid, it needed its own classification.

So, let’s review and work backward. The protests that have been going on the last week and a half have everyone at odds. There are two types of folks; people who believe racism exists and people who do not. There have been countless theories about why George Floyd was killed, his background, etc.

The new “revelations” are always the same and brought forward by the same types of people. These people never fail to vilify unarmed people of color murdered at the hands of police. Their “record” is magically discovered to explain why the person “had it coming;” videos in hushed, conspiratorial tones, as to make the receiver of the information feel like they discovered the scam themselves. These rationales would not even be considered at all, if a white person were murdered by a cop for a counterfeit $20 bill.

“Racism is not getting worse, it’s getting filmed.” – Will Smith

We can examine further the horrific effects of the Omnibus Crime Bill and the NDAA another time. Suffice to say, both bills helped militarize the increasingly violent police state, increase mass incarceration among people of color and sell/give military grade weapons to municipal police departments. How many tanks does the City of Fresno, CA really need?

Among mostly white citizens, the brute force is nearly always justified. The ANTIFA theories abound and are as prevalent (and baseless) as Russiagate. A white supremacist group just had their twitter account taken down, posing as ANTIFA. Good times… As for terror groups worldwide, ANTIFA is right up there with the Brownies, if they’re not already a bunch of cops/CIA leading idiots by the nose who just want to punch people and take stuff. We have seen hundreds of videos of protesters being assaulted, run over, flash banged, shot at and tear gassed by police. Where’s the footage of actually arresting looters? That should be explosive reporting if that’s what police were really focusing on.

Why is this accepted by many Americans? Simply put, racism is in the DNA of the nation. Since the Constitution declared a black man worth three fifths of a human being for tax reasons (repealed in 1868), the die had been cast. Even after the Emancipation Proclamation, it was one hundred plus years of Jim Crow before the Voting Rights and Civil Rights Acts were signed into law by Lyndon Johnson. Yet, lynching was still happening into the 1970s. The Thirteenth Amendment allows for convicts to be regarded as “labor.” The 1994 Omnibus Crime Bill finally allowed private companies to get in on the action, in addition to contracting to own prisons.

Further back, native land was stolen by British colonists, in the first place. The U.S. has made color an issue because it’s easy to do. The Native American was “red,” easy to spot and murder and Andrew Jackson made it a pass time. Hence, the black man in America was marked not by a brand in his flesh or a uniform, but by skin color as one cannot remove their own skin. How were slave owners able to keep them corralled? Easy. Get poor whites to work for them and think they were better. Even though many of these slave patrols and foremen were beaten by slave owners, they bought into their fake superiority. Sound familiar? It should. It’s called voting against your own interests, the forefather of Trickle Down Economics.

While the ruling elites have us believing in a “two party system,” the reality is it’s one big corporate gangbang. The elites have us fighting over guns, gays and abortion (not unimportant) while they loot the treasury and pass more and more laws to keep us all Fourteenth Amendment slaves.

If you want to know how things will be here at home, just look at U.S. foreign policy. From East Timor, Vietnam, or Yemen, we have perfected the lie of worthy and unworthy victims. Sound familiar? The CIA nailed the divide/conquer/steal in other countries and now it’s finally come home to roost. All of it. The police brutality we’re seeing state side is no different than what we have seen in Central and South America, or the mid-east thanks to the United States. Think I’m nuts? How many white and Latino people have we seen assaulted by police this go round? Same as their black counter parts. American policing is not “failing” it’s only the slave patrols on steroids, doing as their owners tell them, unwittingly serving a system that has betrayed them with increased debt, substance abuse and domestic violence.

As long as we justify the brutality, we deserve what’s surely coming.


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