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Bernie Sanders is Comfort Food

Updated: May 11, 2020

The DNC has spent the better part of a year, flooding the market with most every two-bit current and former office holder and oligarch, designed to send Bernie Sanders to a contested convention. While most other contenders are flaming out in spectacular fashion, some corporate hack will nonetheless be the Party bearer and we’ll be told…well you know. So, Trump will win.

I’m not a Sanders supporter. Not a Trump guy, either.

“Hope and Change” wins elections, not status quo. From FDR, to Reagan, to Clinton and Obama, to Trump, not one came in on the heels of “Everything is great! Stay the course!” The incumbent (or incumbent administration) usually gets its ass handed to them. As Hilary Clinton learned (or not, it seems), "Medicare for all will never come to pass!" or "America has always been great!" did not make a catchy bumper sticker. It’s the election stupid…

Despite his hope schtick, Bernie Sanders could be the exception and lose again and be cheated. Why would the DNC do that? He’s not scary, he would be considered center right in Europe. His ideas are basic common sense over there. He also kisses major Dem ass.

So, if he’s not the “socialist boogie man,” why are the DNC determined to bring him down? Why have they spent time and dollars with this fracas of a primary? Why would they risk full scale riots on another contested convention, with wide open cheating in Iowa and coming soon to Nevada? The Democratic Party of Nevada announced that they’re using an iPad function to count the caucus there…isn’t that just an app? So, why?

Simply put, it’s what Sanders represents over what he can do. He’s changing the discourse, and by so doing, he represents what Big Everything does not want; shutting off the faucet to the Treasury that has been drained for decades by criminals and failures. Every single industry in this country sucks at the teat of the American taxpayer. The Great God Business gets a subsidy for everything, socialism for them and “rugged individualism” for the rest of us as MLK said…before they shot him. And Sanders, since 1990, has routinely voted in favor of all of it. So much for the working class.

Whatever his personal definition, he’s merely a leftist Rorschach. Sadly, he has not and will not deliver. Republicans need not worry; they’ll get the right Dem for them.

But I digress…

The DNC’s masters also have nothing to worry about for a few reasons:

1. Sanders will not be nominated. Period. The DNC will risk riots and injuries to see to that.

2. IF there was a President Sanders, he would not be coming into office with a mandate.

The Dems will fight Sanders tooth and nail to failure and no “socialist” will run for another 100 years.

3. Sanders has voted with establishment Dems 95% of the time, including 95% of the wars, the Crime Bill, and every defense budget put in front of him since 1990 (including that turkey, the F-35) so I don’t really see him Berning it up, as it were. He throws his own supporters under the bus at breakneck speed. What will he really do for America?

Trump won in 2016 because people were hurting. He lied as he told them what they wanted to hear; bring jobs back, end the wars their kids were fighting in and strengthen health care. Clinton refused to even visit the rust belt. The policies of the last two administrations ruined these people. Incidentally, the "red" states Trump took voted twice for Obama and felt more pain. What was Clinton to do? Bellow that “America has always been great!” in Anderson, IN or Camden NJ? In 2017, the Wesleyan Media Project released a study showing that Trump spoke to policy over Clinton 4 to 1. She offered “he grabs pussy” and “I’m With Her” as her main positions.

Yet, Sanders was saying the same thing as Trump…until he changed his tune and became a sheepdog for the Democratic Party. Then it was “anyone but Trump!” which I’m sure resonated with the 50% of working Americans making under $30,000 a year.

The Sheepdog Strategy was the same plot employed in 1968, 1984, 1988, 1992, 2004, and recently, 2016. Get a pied piper saying the right things and then when they get the most buy in, you switch! I’m crazy? Well, explain how after Sanders lost in the most egregious election fraud in modern times, he went from “She’s not qualified and is corrupt,” to “She won fair and square?” No one forgot “We must keep Donald Trump from being president!” He couldn’t even muster the balls to call out the DNC’s cheating despite overwhelming evidence in his favor, pimping Russiagate, like a good lapdog.

Inconvenient truth: 68% of Sanders voters voted for Clinton.

Sanders supporters blame his advisors on his foreign policy gaffes. They never hold Sanders responsible for even a basic knowledge of what coups the U.S. are involved in after 30 years in Congress. They believe once he gets in, he’ll kick ass. No, he won’t. You don’t “kick ass” by aping every fucking CIA talking point. His positions on U.S. war crimes, Israel, our latest coups and U.S. hegemony are a joke. His beloved Sweden, among other nations, don’t spend what we do for defense. Medicare for All without addressing defense? It’s like doing Hamlet without Hamlet.

Jim Rohn famously said that, “How someone does anything is how they do everything.”

We have over 1,000 cities with water worse than Flint. Entire communities (Camden, NJ, Anderson, IN, Scranton, PA, etc.) have been decimated by the neo liberal policies of the last 40 years, while alcoholism, depression and drug abuse have risen. This was exacerbated by the Obama, W., and Clinton administrations. Policies Sanders did not fight against at all. Again, been in Congress since 1990…

Trump is not an overnight disaster. He is the Orange Hairball coughed up by an empire in its last death rattles. Like the fall of Rome, we have an over extended military, elites robbing the taxpayer, and a people obsessed with pseudo-events and pop culture rubbish to the point of self destruction. The system is working as designed.

This took time. Voting for a person, expecting overnight change, will not fix anything. Deep down, we know that. We just don’t like it.

The podcast, Bernie Sanders is Comfort Food will air on the Bitter Truth with Abe Abdelhadi this week.


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