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Don't Vote in the Primaries

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

If you identify yourself as a Libertarian here in the State of Texas and you want to take part of the upcoming conventions this Spring, Do Not Vote In The Primaries.

This is the big rule that my fellow Libertarians and I are very stanch about every election year.

When you vote in the primaries, you are automatically registered as either a Republican or a Democrat (depending on which one you vote in), and it will be stamped on your voter card. To officially register as a Libertarian, you must not vote in the primaries, and attend the Precinct Convention that is set by your county's Libertarian party.

During 2018, as County Chair of the Libertarian Party of Guadalupe County, it was my job to check everyone's voter card to make sure they did not vote in the Primaries (as well as double check with a huge list of voters who did vote in the primaries provided to me by the local elections office). When you register as a Libertarian at the Precinct convention, your voter card will be stamped with the lovely all-caps word, "LIBERTARIAN," where it says "Party Affiliation."

Although this column is a bit short, it shouldn't really take much to explain why Texas Libertarians should not vote in the primaries (especially if they want to nominate the candidate that they want for the ballot).


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