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Elliott Scheirman: Libertarian for US Congress (TX-2)

This week, I got the chance to interview fellow Texas Libertarian and US Congressional candidate, Elliott Scheirman. He is currently running for US Congress to represent Texas District 2, which is one of the most gerrymandered districts here in the State of Texas that hooks around the northern part of Houston. He has been a Libertarian since 2008, and several of his biggest campaign issues are based on reducing government, civil and property rights, gun rights, and equality (no matter what race or sexual orientation any person is).

During the current COVID-19 pandemic, he volunteered and donated at the Houston Food Bank, and recently, he has been reaching out to many of the members of the Texas Legislature and Senate (as well as both his opponents, Republican candidate and incumbent Daniel Crenshaw and Democratic candidate Sima Ladjevardian) on creating a solution for the voting issue that allows preservation of integrity of the system to prevent voter fraud as well as allow voters to avoid large crowds and potential contaminated voting booths during the election by doing a system that involves picking up your ballot with your voter ID at a polling location (like many do to get their car registration at the grocery store), take it home, vote, and return the filled out ballot after voting.

On the topic of voters who believe that voting for a Libertarian is a wasted vote, Scheirman told me that voters shouldn't result into the selfish mentality of bullying someone due to their preference for the candidate of their choice. He even mentioned how Kevin Hale, the Libertarian candidate for the US Congressional race in Texas District 5, has been doing an amazing job with his campaign on how he is aiming his campaign more for the registered voters who don't vote in elections.

Another recent issue that Scheirman has been campaigning for is ending police brutality based on the recent events revolving around the death of George Floyd.

Scheirman is open for questions through his website as well as his Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram for more information and questions.

Along with this column, I have a video of my interview with Elliot (which is included here on this page from my professional YouTube channel, NHS Films).


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