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FILM CORNER - Big Wins at 2020 Virtual Austin Indie Fest

Last weekend, Austin Indie Fest held its virtual film festival on BingeWave, and after they screen around 100 projects from filmmakers across the globe, they announced the winners of around 47 awards Sunday night.

Several of these award winners had some very amazing stories and visuals, and some of them were very emotional to the point were a couple of them brought me to tears. A few of the films took home more than one award, and honestly, this festival turned out amazing.

And now, without further ado (and after watching the Award Ceremony video on Facebook multiple times), here are the big winners of last weekend's Austin Indie Fest!

Best High School Film - Fever Dream

Best Film School Film - Beyond Customs

Best Self Taught - The Watery Grave

Best Screenplay - Leave ‘Em Laughing

Best Editing - The Cautionary Tale of the House in the Sky

Best Practical Effects - Bewere

Best Cinematography - Finn

Best Actor (Short) - Ali Alkhafaji for Hyder

Best Actress (Short) - Katarina Morhacova for Rendezvous

Best Actor (Long Form) - Daniel Urbanowicz for Outside the Box

Best Actress (Long Form) - Ilsa Ambika Ryan for Brokerz

Best Trailer - Mettle

Best Music Video - Daddy’s On The Sands

Best VR 360 - Swing

Best International Film - The Traveler

Best Fan Film - Living in Crime Alley

Best Action/Adventure - BLVD

Best Horror - Bewere

Best Drama - The Dark Places

Best Western - Calf Rope

Best Musical - Another Wonderful Day in Paradise

Best Comedy - Your First Day in Hell

Best Thriller - Sclera Absentia

Best Animation - Malakout

Best Fantasy - Fantasy A’hoy

Best Science Fiction - Sil and the Devil Seeds of Arodor

Best Veteran in Film (Short) - In Between the White Space

Best Veteran in Film (Feature) - Sleeze Lake: Van Life at Its Lowest & Best

Best Veteran Filmmaker - Douglas Spaltro for Apple

Texas Spirit Award - Bloom

Best Made in Texas (Short) - Salting the Fly

Best Made in Texas (Feature) - After the Night with Valerie

Best Inspirational Short - Ms. Anita

Best Documentary Short - Parental Guidance Suggested

Best Documentary Feature - The One and Only Jewish Miss America

Best Pilot (Web Series) - Brokerz

Best Pilot (Television) - Outside the Box

Best Women in Film (Short) - Frankie and Jude: Star Wars - The Search for Jude

Best Women in Film (Feature) - Fall Back Down

Best Women in Film Director - Maggie Levin for Heel

Best Women in Film Documentary - Rivense

So Bad It’s Good - Mr. Deviltree

Cult Classic - Reaper Island Part II

Director’s Choice (Chosen by Matt Rifley) - Rendezvous

Director’s Choice (Chosen by Devon Foster) - Sleight

Audience Choice - Impact: Mobility and Modernity Reconsidered

Best in Fest - Alina

At the end of the awards ceremony, Matt and Devon (the directors of the festival) gave out a 50% off discount code for next year's festival to all participating filmmakers.

I'm definitely looking forward to next year's festival.


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