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FILM CORNER - What Award Show To Really Watch For

So, after an interesting year where we saw a major change on how films were released due to the still lingering pandemic, the award season has come upon us. We have many of the big time entertainment award shows out there. These include the Golden Globes, the Critics' Choice Awards, the Annie Awards (which covers animation), the Independent Spirit Awards, and (of course) the Oscars.

Sure, the majority of the public is waiting for these particular awards to release the nominations (some already did), and announce what their judges say are the "best of the best" in the film industry. Here's the problem with most of these award shows. Yes, many of the award ceremonies get very political (which really grind my gears as I don't want to listen to a bunch of political rants/speeches), but sometimes, these "best of the best" choices aren't really Some the previous award ceremonies had some films that were "okay" (as well as some big time stinkers) get awards due to bias from the current big Hollywood film industry. Most of the time, the winner for Best Picture at the Oscars would go to a film that no one has heard about (due to these titles being Limited Released films) or some big-budgeted Hollywood schlock that has no reason to be nominated (looking at you, Argo and Hurt Locker). Oh, and don't get me started on the films that don't get nominated despite how award-worthy they are (You're still a masterpiece to me, Won't You Be My Neighbor?).

Instead of looking at the Oscars or the Golden Globes, why don't I, instead, recommend an award ceremony that deserves much more deserved recognition.

Ladies and Gentlemen, my amazing readers, let me introduce to you...The Golden Raspberry Awards (aka the Razzies)! Since 1981, this special ceremony is to "celebrate" the absolute worst in film. Those who get nominated are up for a Razzie, which costs around $5 to make, are put into categories such as Worst Picture, Worst Director, Worst Screenplay, and many more. In some years, there are special categories made under the directors' decision. Over the years, only very few of the winners accept their Razzie, and there is another reason why I prefer this award ceremony over the rest: anyone (and I mean ANYONE) can be a voter for the Razzies.

That's right. Even you can take part in voting for the Worst in Film. All it takes is to become a dues-paying member of the Razzies ($40 to start, and then $25 to renew each year). Last year, I became a voting member of the Razzies, and I aim patiently waiting to get my ballot to personally select my pick for the Worst of the Worst in film (and let me tell you that I have a few big ones in mind).

So, what's a better pick for an award show based around film? The ones where inside people pick the "best of the best," or the one where the public chooses the worst of the worst? You probably know my answer already.


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