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How the Left was Lost

Updated: May 11, 2020

So, Bernie vs. Joe Biden? So, they’re holding primaries, eh? Biden has more baggage than Hilary Clinton at the Delta Airline kiosk in Rhodesia. Yet, corporate Democrats are gearing up to cheat Sanders again, ensuring he never sets foot in the White House. Watch what happens today.

Forget competency, the Democrats would rather lose with Biden (which they will) than win with Sanders. Sanders, meanwhile, is too busy doing pretzel splits to really be a “revolutionary.” Just watch him fold like a cheap suit at the convention, should he be called to do so.

Note to Republicans or Independents, you may not agree with the following, but it is a great way to have fun with your so-called liberal friends at parties.

I know this is confusing to those of you who believe the Dems to be a “liberal” party, but they’re hacks. So’s the GOP. We’re an Oligarchy with two right wings; one just happens to be pro-choice and likes gay people and not guns. That’s it.

The last 40 years has been a Democrat trail of tears; Super Delegates, wiping out the New Deal, exploding the prison population, de-regulating banks, NAFTA and USMCA, gutting welfare, and more war. Lots of war.

Even Reagan style trickledown economics has become part of the Democrat’s plan; a GAO audit of the Federal Reserve shows that it bailed out banks and Wall St. for $29 TRILLION between 2009-10. Wait…wasn’t this during the housing crash, under Obama and a Democratic majority in Congress? So, socialism for the rich, capitalism for the rest of us? To paraphrase Noam Chomsky, “the Democrats became Republicans and the Republicans became insane.”

This “leading with our values” thing is not working. In anytown hall that I have seen with any of your “leadership,” they tow the corporate line, ignoring working families. They’re supposed to be Democrats! A short roll call on the confederacy of dunces includes, but is not limited to; Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Tom Perez, AOC, Amy Klobuchar, Adam Schiff, Cory Booker, and that juggernaut of ecstasy, Pete Buttigieg!!! Sadly, there’s more, but I must move on.

Be Democrats

Bernie Sanders proved that you may run a major campaign without corporate money, so you screwed him. His crowds were 20,000 and up while Madam Head Injury (Hilary Clinton) couldn’t draw 100 into a high school gym. Now, with Biden, a sequel is taking shape. If you want to win, solidify Sanders’ platform. Status quo doesn’t win elections, change does…or at least the hope of change.

1) Get rid of the Electoral College! It goes through the Congress and since you may lose the House this fall, with your crap, it still makes you look like you care. Since it’s a slave day hold over, it should be an easy conversation to start, provided you have the balls.

Easy fix:Rank Choice Voting. Keeps everyone happy who frets that California will “pick the president.”

2) Get us out of these goddamned dirt wars! W. left us with two illegal wars for profit. After President Obama did his victory lap in the Mideast, apologizing, he did the same exact thing but better! He left us seven wars! In 2016 alone, the U.S. dropped 26,000 bombs in Syria under Obama. Were our bombs special, building hospitals and killing just the “bad people?” We haven’t fought for our “freedom” in at least 70 years. Vietnam was based on a lie as was the Bush’s Iraq wars and I marvel at how the so called liberal still has no idea about Libya or Syria. $10 TRILLION spent in the last 15 years, thousands of our kids and countless civilians have died.

Easy fix:Get out NOW. Tell the War Machine to make solar panels or something.

3) Free college...I graduated from Cal Poly Pomona in 1987. I paid $125 for a twelve-unit quarter because state schools were subsidized. Now, that same school is $6,000 per quarter. It’s profitable to get students into loans at 8% interest they can never file bankruptcy on, thanks to JOE BIDEN. In Texas, for example, state universities pay zero property tax, so pass the savings on to the kids!

Easy Fix:We did this before, so it’s not like I want a pony. For the $3 trillion (and counting) we spent in Iraq alone, we could forgive student debt and make screwed over homeowners (2008) whole…and jail bankers.

4) Single Payer Healthcare! Since you guys love being up Russia’s (and Ukraine’s) ass so much, you probably know that even they have single payer. Their GDP barely doubles that of South Korea and yet you still argue against it, despite the will of the voters. You had both houses of congress from 2009-11 but, behind closed doors with Big Insurance and Big Pharma, you ram a GOP/Heritage Foundation approved plan? Syria? They have Single Payer, as does Israel and Europe, as do the Nordic countries so cut the crap. It also absolves small business the insurance burden.

Easy Fix: Expand an already existing Medicare model. My mom has it, your mom has it and it works.

5) End tax shelters for U.S. corporations! Currently, there are over $4 trillion dollars in overseas corporate assets going untaxed while we create austerity for the middle class and small business. It’s OK for Apple to pay .005% in taxes because they have a shelter in Ireland? Free tuition is an issue, but this is dandy? Not only Apple, but IBM, Microsoft, Walmart, Amazon, AT&T…most of these corporations don’t even pay state or property tax.

Easy Fix: Tax the bastards.

There’s more and alas, I’m out of column inches but you get the idea. You Dems are dying, hanging on to your prestige has become more important than service. Sticking your thumb into the eyes of progressives and expecting them to vote for you failed and will again! We don’t owe you votes. Just ask Queen Hillary how that panned out for her.

Abe Abdelhadi hosts the Bitter Truth with Abe Abdelhadi on Texas Free Press and all the usual outlets.


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