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Introducing the Texas Free Press 2020 Libertarian Presidential Candidate Voter Guide

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Over 60 candidates have filed for the Libertarian Presidential nomination.

The vast majority of potential Texas LP delegates have not made up their minds on a Presidential candidate to support, and almost as many are not satisfied as are satisfied with their choices.  The same is true nationwide.  Yet there is no Voter Guide or Delegate Resource to help Libertarian candidates and delegates. So we are making one.

So far every major campaign has responded to us, and we are expecting 20+ candidates in our guide.

We will include all candidates with an FEC filed campaign committee who 1) respond to and complete the Voter Guide Questionnaire, 2) demonstrate some level of an active campaign either through fundraising, media, or campaign activities, 3) are eligible for the office of President, and  4) we will reserve the right to reject questionnaires that do not meet our minimum level of quality in the responses, including grammar, completeness, command of the questions, and coherence. 

We will not generally reject questionnaires based on political or policy choices, nor will we reject questionnaires based on either amount raised, polling or other indications of support, resources to campaign, media coverage, or adherence to the LP platform.  We may however reject applications or candidacies that we consider to be of limited merit or outside of our guidelines for professionalism, seriousness, and quality. The decisions on meeting the criteria above will be made at our sole discretion, there is no appeal for our decision.  

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