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First Female Libertarian Nominee to Face Trump and Biden after Winning 1st Zoom Convention

Updated: May 25, 2020


Dr. Jo Jorgensen defeats Jacob Hornberger and Vermin Supreme on the 4th Ballot of the first online Presidential Nominating Convention with 51% of the vote.

Ballot 3 Ballot 4 Change

Monds 174 -174

Jorgensen 390 524 +134

Hornberger 264 285 +21

Supreme 188 206 +18

NOTA 7 4 -3

Other 3 7 +4

Total 1,026 1,026

Following the Presidential nomination, podcaster Spike Cohen, the running mate of 3rd place Presidential contender Vermin Supreme, secured the VP nomination over Presidential candidate and party insider John Monds after another party insider, VP candidate Larry Sharpe dropped out when his running mate Judge Jim Gray the 2012 VP running mate for Governor Gary Johnson was defeated on the 2nd ballot.

Jorgensen Expands Lead and Receives Key Endorsement, Vermin Supreme Still in on the 3rd Ballot in LP Presidential Nomination race

In the 3rd Ballot tabulated at 9 pm Austin time, still no majority candidate, but Jorgensen's lead over Jacob Hornberger neared 50% in vote count as approximately 80% of Judge Gray's votes moved to Dr. Jorgensen. Performance artist Vermin Supreme locked in at least 3rd place by edging party insider John Monds, who endorsed Jorgensen and threw his hat into the ring for the VP nomination expected tomorrow. Ballot 2 Ballot 3 Change

Monds 169 174 +5

Jorgensen 339 390 51

Hornberger 257 264 7

Gray 64 -64

Supreme 184 188 +4

NOTA 6 7 -1

Other 9 3 -6

Total 1,028 1,026 -2

Jorgensen Consolidates Unaligned Support on 2nd Ballot as former VP Nominee Judge Gray, Gary Johnson's First Running Mate is Knocked Out.

On the second ballot, all candidates failed to get a majority, requiring a 3rd ballot, with Dr. Jorgensesn's lead growing to 33% vs 25% for Author Jacob Hornberger as approximately two thirds of Adam Kokesh's delegates and the Other votes, as well as about 1/3rd of Judge Gray's support, shifted to Jorgensen, with the remainder split between Monds and Hornberger.

On the second ballot, the Texas Free Press indicates that most likely scenario is a Jorgensen victory in either the 4th or 5th ballot.

Ballot 1 Ballot 2 Change

Monds 147 169 +22

Kokesh 77 -77

Jorgensen 248 339 91

Hornberger 236 257 21

Gray 98 64 -34

Supreme 171 184 +13

NOTA 8 6 -2

Other 32 9 -23

Total 1,017 1,028 11

Jorgensen edges Vermin Supreme, Amash, on the 1st Ballot in Online Libertarian Presidential Contest

At 6 pm central time, after 8 hours of debate and discussion on the second day of first online National Presidential nomination convention in US history, with 1,017 votes cast, Party Chair Nicholas Sarwark presided over the following results: 147 14% John Monds, former LP Georgia Governor Candidate

77 8% Adam Kokesh, Political Activist

248 24% Dr. Jo Jorgensen 1996 LP VP Candidate

236 23% Jacob Hornberger, Author

98 10% Judge Jim Gray, former LP VP Nominee

171 17% Vermin Supreme, Political Performance Artist

8 1% None of the Above

32 3% Other

As a result of the first ballot, Mr. Adam Kokesh was dropped, and the delegates will move to round 2 of balloting. The majority of the other delegates were for Congressman Justin Amash, who had declined the nomination. A number of delegates cast votes for Amash, who wasthe likely nominee had he been willing to brave the rigors of a 3rd Party campaign, and had launched an exploratory committee. Former Rhode Island Governor and Senator Lincoln Chafee had also previously dropped out of the race after failing to consolidate support in a crowded race that had as many as dozen potentially viable winners.

This is the first Presidential Nomination convention ever held online, and is being successfully conducted on Zoom.

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May 24, 2020

Go Dr. Jo Jorgensen!

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