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New Guadalupe County Leadership and Local Libertarian Candidates

Although the first part of this column is mostly focused on the newly elected county executive committee of the Guadalupe County Libertarian Party, the second half focuses on two different candidates in district races (State and Federal).

In the past couple of weeks, the Libertarian Party of Guadalupe County held its County Convention, and hosted the District Conventions for the US Congressional Texas District 15 race as well as the Texas House of Representatives District 44 race. Within these weeks, we gained new leadership as well as a new member to our party.

At our county convention, we elected a new County Executive Committee team for the 2020-2022 term. Let’s begin with the biggest position: County Chair. After my term officially ended on the night of the County Convention, our county members nominated and voted for Darren Pollok (who served as the County Party Secretary during the last term) as our new County Chair. Then, after a short and effective conversation between fellow party members, it was decided and voted on by those who attended that I, Nolan Schmidt, would serve this term as Vice Chair. Party members then nominated and elected our newest party member, Chad Hale, to serve in the position as Secretary before nominating and electing Julian Mardock to be our Treasurer.

A week later, five of the six delegates who were chosen to attend the US Congressional Texas District 15 & Texas House of Representatives District 44 Conventions met up to unanimously vote two of our members who declared their candidacy late last year as the official Libertarian nominees for the ballot in November.

Running against Democrat (and Incumbent) Vicente Gonzalez and either Republicans Monica De La Cruz Hernandez or Ryan Krause in the US Congressional Texas District 15 race will be Ross Lynn Leone. Lynn previously ran as the nominee in 2016 in a four candidate race, and ran for the nomination in 2018 (which went to fellow Guadalupe County Libertarian, Anthony Cristo, who will be running as the official Libertarian nominee for the US Congressional Texas District 34 race).

Running against Republican (and Incumbent) John Kuempel and Democrat Robert M. Bohmfalk in the Texas House of Representatives District 44 race will be Julian Mardock. This will be Julian’s first campaign as a Libertarian nominated candidate, and he is the first Libertarian candidate to run for this particular office since the special election that was held in 2010 after the death of Kuempel’s father, Edmund.

With our new County Party leadership and officially nominated candidates for two major districts that our county is a part of, we are ready with plans for this election year. We are officially ready for this election year!

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