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Solutions Made But Problems Still Linger

This will be the first time one of my columns will be posted here on Texas Free Press before being submitted to the Seguin Gazette.

It’s been almost a month (or a bit longer for some states) since many in this country have been told to stay quarantined, leave for only the essentials, and wait until the current pandemic over COVID-19 (also known as Coronavirus) blows over. Local, State, and Federal government have issued orders or created solutions due to the still lingering pandemic, but there is only one question I have that have for these government officials: What solutions will be made for this country after COVID-19 eventually blows over?

Hear me out. There are many individuals who have been laid off of work due to the virus based on how orders from both local and state governments consider their jobs “unessential” when those considered essential are grocery and hardware stores as well as fast food restaurants for some reason. Now a days, it’s hard to find toilet paper or paper towels after the big mainstream media channels and certain politicians told everyone to panic (which no one should ever do during a pandemic), and the fact that there is now going to be a wave of stimulus checks (which more than likely will come late since they’re based off of the 2019 income taxes) which shows that government will still spend and even print more money while those who don’t have jobs right now (due to previously said layoffs) are more than likely going to have to conserve as much of their finances as they can to get through this mess.

Sure, these stimulus checks are to help out those who don’t have jobs right now because of the pandemic orders, but government spending is not going to bring the free market capitalistic economy rolling back in from such a hit to it, especially with the major less supply, more demand issue we have with toilet paper, paper towels, and now…N95 respirator masks. This is major problem. Yes, it’s better to be safe than sorry, but when we are facing a major economic impact when COVID-19 finally leaves the scenes, we are all going to suffer from the blow. The actions by our government (either it be local, state, or federal) are lining up like dominoes ready to topple over each other. Each action (no matter how good it seems) has a major consequence, and we must be prepped for said consequences (no matter what economic status you are in). Do what you can to prep yourself and your family fiscally in any way possible, either it be putting more money in a savings or money market account to creating an emergency rainy day fund for certain circumstances.

If you’re still worried about COVID-19, wash your hands, don’t touch your face, and since our county is under a Stay At Home order anyway, stay at home unless you need essential items, work an essential job, or if you are sick. Beside that point, we need to worry on what will happen to our communities, state, and country when that economic impact happens because of the recent chain of events in the past weeks. With that said, be prepared for what will come after this pandemic ends. Like with any storm, the aftermath can be more powerful that the storm itself.


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