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What a Week to be a Houston Sports Fan

So let me get this straight.

Rockets fall to the Lakers 3-1. Morey ball fails, finally, for good? Houston sports fans aghast that their concerns about mortgaging the remaining future for Russell Westbrook and then dumping their only center to double down on it were actually well founded, as James Harden disappears in another 4th quarter under double teams when Morey's mathematically perfect (except for Westbook who violates every "rule" Morey uses) roster proves to be one dimensional against good teams in a playoff series - again.

News reports plastered with the lack of trade prospects, draft picks and salary cap room created by years of bad Daryl Morey trade decisions.

Then Winningest Rockets coach by % quits, possibly because he was about to be fired, or possibly because he was done having his roster thrown into disarray every time his GM sipped a Ranch Water while playing on a spreadsheet and wasn't offered a long term contract to put up with it this time.

Twitter explodes as DeAndre Hopkins has career day for Cardinals in win, Houston Texans sorely miss an actual wide receiver in painful loss to the - wait for it same Chiefs who bounced them badly out of the playoffs. CNN headlines (Texas native) Mahomes Dazzles, DeShaun Watson Disappoints. Texans fans wait on the edge of their seats, but unfortunately Coach Bill O'Brien does not resign like Mike D'Antoni.

Texas A&M's leading receiver, Jhamon Ausbon opts out of 2020 for Covid. For a season where the top rated ever TE Baylor Cupp is also out again for the season with an injury for the second time, and where the new Covid scheduling added the #8 and #15 teams in the country, leaving them playing half their schedule to 5 top 15 teams, and 4 top 10 - all in the SEC of course.

UT-Austin rolls, against patsy UT-El Paso. Only UT fans and Tom Herman's mother care (assuming she bothered to watch).

One bright spot - Tom Brady throws 2 INTs including a Pick-Six and loses Bucs debut, and Bruce Arians admits in press conference it was Tom's fault, not former Aggie WR phenom Mike Evans.


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