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Guns, Gays and Abortion: there aren’t two parties.

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

The two-party system is a monopoly that uses guns, gays, and abortion to create the illusion of a “difference.” I know, I know…

During President Trump’s State of the Union address, much was made of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tearing up his speech. Horror ensued and pearls were clutched while cheers were had. The legality (or illegality) of tearing up a “federal document” was combed over online and by pundits for days.

What was given less attention, however, is the standing ovation would be revolutionary and globetrotting, School of the Americas twerp, Juan Guaido received when introduced by President Trump. Both sides of the aisle, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Speaker Pelosi rose to their feet, cheering for “freedom.” In the detective business, this is what’s called a clue.

Even less attention was given to the amount of legislation that was passed by a Democratic House for a president deemed a “Putin puppet” and crazy.

As dangerous as Trump is claimed to be and believed to be guilty of treason by some (punishable by death), the long suffering Democrats still managed to give Trump most everything he asked for! How about that? They renewed the Patriot Act(s) and the NDAA, without restriction, expanding his war making and surveillance powers.

According to Forbes magazine, they faked an impeachment, but caved in the end. Here’s a short list of the latest hits by the “resistance.”

1) A $22 billion tip on his defense budget. This brings the total overage to $180 billion over the last three years. Russia’s entire military budget just got upped to $80 billion, while the Chinese went to $225 billion.

3) Border Wall funding will still come out of the defense budget, despite the Dem hue and cry.

4) Unlimited war making power in the mid-east. Authorizations for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) still apply everywhere but Iran. Congress must still approve that one…But wasn’t Congress supposed to declare war at the request of the president? It’s like the law and stuff…

5) While not withdrawing from any of the disastrous wars, the House passed legislation to count the civilian bodies better. Still, no ban on support for the Saudi war in Yemen.

7) The Dems also supported the failed coup attempts in Venezuela, citing “human rights violations.” Meanwhile sanctions have killed 40,000 Venezuelans in the last 20 months. The U.S. has illegally seized the nation’s assets and handed them over to Juan Guaido. All while Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Bernie Sanders, with a straight face, called Maduro a dictator and backed the call for “election reform.” Where there’s resources, those people need Democracy!

8) Dems handled Bolivia no better. Meh…it’s what we do.

Ahh…the resistance…or as some call it, the McResistance. With stalwart “progressives” like AOC, Bernie Sanders and Ro Khanna backing the party playbook, which oddly supports Trump’s playbook, one has to ask, “where’s the beef?” Are there sides, at all? It seems, only superficially. The terms, neo-con and neo liberal are interchangeable. Are we happier that Gerald Ford or Jimmy Carter screwed over East Timor, since they both did?

While we squabble over gays, guns and abortion, both parties take the same money from the same places (NRA, being an exception).

The American political system is much like the WWE. Both sides take turns playing the heel and the “face” with every new administration. The press, having been co-opted years ago (beware millionaire “journalists”) play right in, pushing the latest pseudo-event, ignoring genuine affairs of state. When was the last time you saw anything resembling push back on a “military analyst” on CNN or Fox? Run a search on these guys and it’s not an amazing coincidence that they sit on the board of Raytheon, Hewlett Packard or Baker, recommending some new boondoggle tank or the latest “atrocity” that we most likely created which requires U.S. intervention.

Like a magician, getting your attention, the right hand plots, while the left hand is holding up guns, gays, and abortion to get you “triggered.” The next time you’re angry at the other guy, worried that they’re leading this country to a galloping ruin, relax…it’s by design.


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