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Killing for Profit and Power

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

I should have snapped to it when Big Tech started suppressing information from front line doctors about their real world experiences in treating COVID-19. But the magnitude of the evil that is being perpetrated by establishment institutions during this scare was too big for me to comprehend at first.

Last week, I saw a two hour press conference hosted by State Senator Bob Hall, allowing Texas doctors who we have been told by the media and government officials that we are supposed to honor and celebrate for being on the front lines in the battle against COVID. What I heard (mostly in the last hour of the press conference) blew me away. These heroes are not being honored. They are being punished.

Here is the bottom line – while doctors on the front line are doing everything they can to save lives from COVID-19, when they report their successes, they are being viciously attacked by the global, federal, and even Texas bureaucracies, by the media, Big Tech, and establishment politicians. I can only conclude that powerful forces who want to profit off COVID have joined forces with those who want to gain power from COVID, and they are suppressing the good news these doctors have discovered about how to save lives in the face of COVID.

In other words, the Big Pharma interests who want to make billions off vaccines and new therapeutics are willing to let people die by stopping them from using low-cost, already available remedies so that they can sell them their products. And the forces that want to institute command and control over all of us – from socialist politicians, to Big Tech, to the media, to bureaucrats in the Texas government appointed by to Greg Abbott are using their power to suppress life-saving information to people to increase their own power.

The doctors who talked in the press conference estimated that 80% of the deaths we are seeing from COVID are unnecessary if we use the combination of early intervention with hydroxychloroquine / zinc / antibiotics and inhaled, nebulized steroids when the disease has progressed to produce a serious inflammation response.

I was trained as an engineer. I called the work I did in the oil patch and in IT being “up against reality.” I once was visiting a doctor, describing my symptoms, and he asked if I was a doctor. I told him that I wasn’t, but that I did technical troubleshooting for a living, and I guessed that his job was up against reality, doing troubleshooting, too.

In my management career, I learned that the best way to improve quality and processes was to listen to the people on the front lines of a business. The people on the assembly line, the sales people talking to the customers, and the people trying to make the technology of the business work. That principle applies to front line medical personnel, too.

If you have a system that suppresses what the front line people have experienced or punishes them for speaking about what they have seen in reality so that it will comport with some centralized or self-interested agenda, you get epic fails like Enron. When you do it in medicine, you kill people. When you do it on a global scale, you kill LOTS of people.

The Texas doctors in this press conference have done what Texans have historically done when they have been up against reality. They used their skill, dedication, innovation, experience, and courage to come up with practical solutions to the reality facing them. And they were pioneers for the country and even the globe in many ways, saving lives in the process.

But unlike previous Texas heroes, the government of these doctors has punished them for their success. I learned in this press conference that the Texas Medical Board (TMB) and Texas Pharmacy Board are aggressively suppressing the truth of their successes in fighting COVID. The TMB has sent a letter to doctors warning them against using hydroxychloroquine despite it being legal to do so and one of the most tested and safest drugs on the market. (Have you ever listened to the side effects of most drugs at the end of television drug ads?)

Senator Hall made the point that rather than relying upon our heroic frontline doctors, the TMB and the TPB are following advice from the federal bureaucracies. I will point out that the federal bureaucracies are following special interest and centralized power agendas, not a path to benefit the public. And I will also point out that the appointer of the TMB and TPB, Greg Abbott, is following the feds in the formulation of his lockdown edicts. The historical source of Texas success has been made by going our own way based on Texans who know what they are doing. Blindly following captured federal regulatory agencies in Texas has been the recipe for the killing of Texas jobs, dreams, and lives.

Many doctors In Texas are taking hydroxychloroquine when exposed to COVID-19 themselves and getting their family members to do so, but are unwilling to do that for their patients because of the intimidation from the TMB. Texas has a process where anonymous people can make complaints against a doctor. And three of the doctors in the press conference have been written up for prescribing hydroxychloroquine, having to take time away from saving lives to defend themselves against the Big Pharma-driven, power mad bureaucracy.

What the doctors said is that their experience is that early treatment is key. Most of the studies on hydroxychloroquine are for late treatment, not early treatment. They think that the prevalent practice in America of waiting to treat people with COVID-19 until they are on their deathbed is ludicrous.

In this time when the same Deep State that is suppressing the real world experience of heroes, we have also been told that we need to notice race and pay special attention to black voices. Yet, two of the innovative, pioneering doctors in the press conference are black, both with experience in treating patients in Africa. Both have been attacked by the media for talking about how they have saved lives. Both have had anonymous TMB grievances filed against them for their heroism. I guess black doctors and the lives they save don’t matter, after all, huh?

Dr. Robin Armstrong, the first man to administer hydroxychloroquine in an American nursing home with fantastic results, said, “I believe that we have let many, many people die who should not be dead, today.” Continuing, he said “I believe the American people will be so angry when they find out that their loved ones could have had treatment and they were not treated.”

Now that I understand the murderous self-interested evil that has run amok in Texas in 2020, I know that is an understatement for me. How about you?

Tom Glass lives in Northwest Harris County. Click here to reach his email. He is also on Facebook as Tom G Glass. He leads a group called Texas Constitutional Enforcement which can be explored at its website or Facebook group.


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