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Mad Dog 2020

Preface: Mad Dog 2020 is cheap booze that tastes like pure gasoline. It has only one intended purpose for the consumer…deciding on steak or fish is not one of them.

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend” - the Arthashastra

In June of 2020, former Secretary of Defense, General James “Mad Dog” Mattis (ret.) said Trump is “a threat to the Constitution.” We have had many of those, including but not limited to, at least the last twenty five presidents. Mattis has called Iran "the single most enduring threat to stability and peace in the Middle East," because Israel, I suppose is, what? Leading chants for peace? Mattis was against the Iran Nuclear Deal, which was only made because of CIA and Israeli nonsense that Iran had any nukes at all. This was never proven, however. Yet, the “only democracy in the region,” Israel, not only has them but has never submitted to an I.A.E.A. investigation. It is estimated that they have 300-500 nuclear warheads and the capacity to launch most of them. The only other nuke rival is Pakistan, which is unstable at best, and angry that we’re currently bombing certain regions at worst. It should also be pointed out that while Trump has doubled Obama’s bombing rate everywhere else, he has cooled on Pakistan. Good times.

Mattis gave the order that “everything to the west is weapons free” in Iraq in 2004. “Weapons free,” means the Marines can shoot whatever they see, as it’s all considered hostile. Mattis further gave the order for the US attack on Fallujah in November 2004 killing between 4,000 and 6,000 civilians. Targeting civilians is a war crime and Mattis, an insane war criminal, did just that. With no regard for weddings, schools, or humanity, he famously said in 2005, “It’s a helluva lot of fun to shoot them.” However, that’s forgiven now, and Democrats love him because “Trump Bad,” and Mattis no likey the bad man.

Is that all it takes to be absolved of one’s heinous sins? Side with your enemies and poof! All clean! Just like Jesus, or at least today’s DNC.

There is a flood Republicans getting the rehab treatment simply because they don’t like Trump. And why? His awful foreign policy? Saber rattling nuclear powers? Sanctions and tariffs, which are failing horribly? His bungling of COVID-19, the economy, or signing off on the largest upward transfer of wealth in human history, while American citizens get evicted or stand in food lines? Nope. It’s one word…


The Democrats participate in the same folly and worse! They’re supposed to be the “party of the worker.” However, to bitch about Trump in those areas only admits that the U.S. has had problems before January 20, 2017. Can’t do that. Neither side can ever admit their only reason to exist is in the service to Empire. Never.

So, here’s an interesting list of Republicans, either speaking at the DNC convention and/or endorsing Trump. About as impressive as Scott Baio at the RNC in 2016.

· John Kasich, the former Ohio governor and GOP presidential candidate. He’s a pro-life, union busting former Fox News commentator. But who cares about women’s rights when there’s a Twitler in Chief! He even got more time at the DNC convention than Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

· Colin Powell, a lifelong Republican who served as Bush's Secretary of State. War criminal and the “Hero” of Panama, he lied us into Iraq at the U.N. doing a bad Adlai Stevenson impression.

· Anthony Scarmucci is another one. Who? Trump’s opportunistic former press secretary of all of two weeks. I’m sure the DNC viewed him as a “good get,” given their penchant for bad strategy.

· Cindy McCain, a longtime Republican, and the wife of the late GOP war criminal Sen. John McCain. It’s not her fault he got the most egregious hagiography of any politician this side of Richard Nixon. As a POW, he was shot down, bombing a light bulb factory in Vietnam. After five years, he came home, still in full support of an illegal war. He flew 23 missions before his capture, and it’s reported that they were all civilian targets. But he and Trump hated each other’s guts, so there’s that.

· Bill Kristol, another W. war criminal toadie who insisted that Iraq “would be a two month war, not an 80 year war.” We’re roughly a fourth of the way through how wrong he was. He and Robert Kagan were at the Project for a New American Century, a right wing think tank that also had Dick Cheney as a member. When 911 hit… Famously wishing for “a Pearl Harbor type incident,” as an excuse to corral Saddam Hussein in 2000 Kristol is often a “pundit” on most of cable news.

· David Frum, former W. speech writer who coined the term “axis of evil,” naming Iraq, Iran, and North Korea, fomenting the public’s imagination to a bellicose response to anything “against us.” Now, he enjoys a phony reputation as an elder statesman, lest we forget he served under a president who was anti-science, pro DOMA and “prayed about Iraq” more than maybe reading up on it.

Another point Dems love to make in the Trump is bad argument is that even George W. Bush and his spineless brother, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush “hate Trump!” Small wonder, despite Jeb basically stealing Florida for W…

a) W. is a war criminal, or did you forget that he got us into two illegal wars, while protecting his family’s Saudi investments, not unlike his grandfather, Prescott Bush who protected American companies’ investments during WWII in Germany! Still blue blood runs deep it seems.

b) Trump utterly shellacked Jeb during the primaries while the latter defended his halfwit brother’s idiot moves in the mid-east, forever destroying that part of the world.

Suddenly, war criminal and bona fide psychotic John Bolton, is in good stead now, following the “Trump evil” mantra. He and Eliot Abrams are in the same perjury boat but damn it, “I have to get my two minutes of hate in!” Bolton hates Trump! He has a book that says so!

The who’s who of has beens or people who have an axe to grind would impress no one except people who don’t really know why they hate Trump, despite the many reasons to do so, except he’s not their Spirit Animal and he tweets mean things. Roll call on the list of C-minus brains and dubious ethics?

· Former Obama administration Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel. Republican.

· Former Obama administration Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. Republican.

· Former EPA Director Christine Whitman, who appeared at the DNC convention alongside Kasich.

· Former Homeland Security Department Chief of Staff Miles Taylor who accused Trump of withholding disaster aid from blue states and claiming “magical authorities” above the law.

· Carly Fiorina, a former Hewlett Packard CEO and 2016 GOP presidential candidate who was the running mate of Sen. Ted Cruz for ten minutes. She said she cannot support Trump and that “elections are binary choices.” Trump did insult her appearance and given her management style, that probably bothered her more than his ineptitude which, let’s remember, is legion.

· Former California GOP gubernatorial candidate, Meg Whitman, another Hewlett Packard CEO, said at the DNC on Monday that Trump “has no clue how to run a business, let alone an economy.”

So that’s it, then. A confederacy of dunces and butchers who, clutching at that last gasp of rehabilitation and acceptance, are out there championing the Biden/Harris ticket. Not because of a moral purpose, the refuting of war crimes or violations of the emoluments clause…no. They just don’t like this guy. This is the best this party can do. Democrats who run as right wingers lose to the Republican 98% of the time. So why this? The money says so.

No Medicare, UBI, ending the wars, real police reform, rehabbing the banking system, or even rent/mortgage relief. After all that bailout money, during a pandemic? Nope. This is the Democratic Party 2020. They won’t even lie to you with a straight face.

To paraphrase Marx, one cannot expect someone to run as steward of the Empire and expect that person to change the Empire. Nothing will change under a Biden presidency except that brunch schedules will resume like before. Nero’s warming up. Enjoy the bonfire.


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