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Online Libertarian National Convention Held This Weekend

This evening, the online portion of the 2020 Libertarian National Convention will commence at 5 pm (Central Time). According to the Revised Tentative Schedule on the convention's website, credentials will be reported and an agenda for the convention will be adopted.

Then, on Saturday, the credentialed delegates will officially nominate the 2020 Presidential nominee, while the Vice Presidential nominee will be nominated on Sunday. The remainder of convention business is planned to be held in person from July 8 to the 12 in Orlando, Florida with the hosting venue to be determined at a later time.

The Libertarian Party of Texas has been preparing through online tests with both the delegates and alternates, and we are ready for business to commence. Even the national Libertarian Party has run tests as well throughout this week.

This column may be a bit short, but I do plan on writing a full column based on what took place during the online convention, especially with the official nominations of the Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates who will be on the ballot this November.


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