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Out Lefting the Left

Updated: May 11, 2020

Saving you time and grief here...Bernie’s done. Probably out by the time you read this. If not, stop believing. It’s over. The fix is in…

"Winning" was not the plan. He bends to Tom Perez and the DNC and has been since 1990. He campaigned for Clinton in ‘92 and ‘96, even after NAFTA and the Crime Bill, creating private prisons. His foreign policy is as awful as any war machine candidate, despite the rhetoric. A President Sanders would have been a one term burn out. Why? Without a congressional mandate, how would he get anything done? If there was a “blue wave” of bribed corporate neo-liberal hacks, does anyone think they’d play ball? Pelosi? Schumer? Medicare for All? Yeah.

He lacks the intestinal fortitude and will never get in the mud and fight.

Know how Trump won? He ran to the left of Hillary…He didn't call Jeb Bush his "good friend," or make unity videos with Reince Preibus (former RNC Chair). He choked the shit out of them. People want to know (even if you're lying) that you'll fight for them. That’s what a “revolt” at least looks like.

He didn't let Jeb Bush slide on his comments on "leadership," for example. He went after both Bush presidencies! It was basically "fuck your dad and idiot brother who got us into illegal wars!" He threw a rock at the hornet’s nest. THAT is how you stand a chance. THAT is knowing your enemy.

Sanders is a sheepdog. Promise all the free cake and no death he wants but, in the end, he'll work for Biden, keep his committees, write another book. 68% of his people voted for Hillary in 2016. He’ll capitulate again. The very antithesis Sanders ran against, he’ll work for, shamelessly sending out “unifying” emails to his base written by Tom Perez, much like Robby Mook wrote for Sanders at the 2016 DNC fracas.

And while the so called revolution dies on the vine…

President Trump is demanding any federal home loans suspend payments and evictions. Trump is also recommending a Universal Basic Income of $1,000 a month and while there are calls for a higher amount (from Sanders, who’s a day late), the fact is Trump is making the Democrats look like the purchased, putrid morons they have been for a long time.

Remember when Barack Obama provided aid to the 5.1 million families who lost their homes in 2008?

He didn’t.

Remember when Barack Obama provided a UBI to workers who lost jobs after the 2008 crash, prosecuted bankers and extended Unemployment Benefits past W. era timelines?

He didn’t.

Remember when Barack Obama got us out of the mess of two illegal wars that we were left with?

He didn’t.

If he did, maybe the vile campaign run by Hillary Clinton in 2016, could have been avoided. Maybe she could have ran on ideas and policy, as opposed to “Trump orange!” or “He’s a sexist!” cheating for the privilege to do it.

But alas, it was socialism for the wealthy and capitalism for the rest of us again. America, land of equal opportunity finally let a “person of color” have a shot at screwing us.

Meanwhile, the current Democratic standard bearer, Joe Biden, has promised on more than one occasion, to cut Medicare and Social Security, recently promising a veto on Medicare For All, should he win the presidency. In the middle of a pandemic. Charming.

He voted for NAFTA, co-wrote the Crime Bill, invented the term “super predator” and voted for the Iraq War, among his many sins. Yet, the Democratic party are so terrified of their donors, they’ll cut their own mother’s throat for the chance of cheating Sanders again. We all know they rigged this one, too. Subject for another time and evidence is already mounting.

After Barack Obama won in 2008, he governed from the right, disbanding his grassroots, progressive organization and his e-mail list. He increased deportations, kicked people off welfare rolls, increased oil drilling and fracking by 88%, approved Arctic drilling twice, got us into five more wars and did nothing to the banks and insurance companies that crashed the economy, had a Tuesday morning kill list, with 90% civilians, and gave us the ACA, a big wet kiss to his d(owners)… it goes on. These people are not your friends.

Meanwhile, Trump is invoking the Defense Production Act. This is a demand for private firms to produce needed supplies, food and medicines, with price controls! Oh, like maybe ventilators? This is a law Harry Truman signed in 1950, to aid in Korea. Now, Trump is basically treating this like a war time crisis. It is. Like it or not. Gee, sounds like socialism for everyone, not just Jeff Bezos.

Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi is calling for aid to twenty percent of workers. Who, Nancy? Which workers? She wants to “means test” checks and possibly give a tax credit, a year from now! While Trump is finally jumping on the left with both feet, the Democrats and mainstream tools can only complain that he calls this a “Chinese Virus.” Because making him more sensitive has as big a punch as a UBI…

And make no mistake, the GOP can’t just “help” people. The last two rounds of talks and voting have the GOP proposed legislation loaded with more pork than a chili cook off at the state fair.

So, while the DNC tells people to go to the polls, ISIS is telling their people to stay home and not do jihad. Out lefted by ISIS? Ahh…Identity Politics, always tastes good! This is exactly why the Democrats will be dead by summer, losing this fall. Socialism brought on by a virus. Who knew?

Abe Abdelhadi hosts the Bitter Truth with Abe Abdelhadi on Texas Free Press and all the usual outlets.


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