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PODCAST: H20, Baby! Howie Hawkins discusses running for president and bringing the U.S. up to speed

Don't say you don't know who's running besides Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber!!!

Friend of the show and Green Party presidential nominee, Howie Hawkins (, talks about his presidential run. Howie has run for governor of New York and has been a labor organizer. We really chop it up about Trump’s failure to handle the pandemic much less the failure to respond to the unnecessarily created economic crisis compared to other nations. He points out the failures of the Democrats and the Biden campaign to address these issues because they serve the same master d(owner) class. Howie gets into real solutions with actual metrics, not ripping up speeches. So, if you want to consider saving your soul, versus voting for the racist, hegemonic so called duopoly (AGAIN!) this is a great episode.


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