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PODCAST: Maps and Legends: Shaul Magid discusses the myth of a Two State Solution

Author, essayist, and Dartmouth professor of Jewish Studies, Shaul Magid joins us to discuss the myth of a “two state solution” in the Palestine/Israel conflict. He explains the origins of the idea and its continued belief amongst “liberal Zionists” that this must be possible. He contends that without it, these people must admit that they are possibly no different than the right wing government of Benjamin Netanyahu. Professor Magid is a contributing editor to Tablet Magazine, editor of Jewish Thought and Culture at Tikkun Magazine, and Kogod Senior Research Fellow at the Shalom Hartman Institute of North America. His work includes the Jewish mystical tradition, American Judaism, and the Israel/Palestine conflict and history of Zionism. His latest two books are Piety and Rebellion: Essays in Hasidism and The Bible the Talmud and the New Testament: Elijah Zvi Solovetichik's Commentary to the Gospels. His new book project is Meir Kahane: An American Jewish Radical.


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