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PODCAST: Mea Culpa, My Ass. Scott Horton chats Bolivia and other wars and lies we got talked into

Well, well, well... The New York Times made another "mistake" about another war??? Imagine my disappointment...

Author, essayist and host of Antiwar Radio on KPFK 90.7, Scott Horton ( joins us to talk about the latest New York Times screw up in admitting they got Bolivia wrong. He gets into some of the wars and makes the point that the so called left is dead in the age of Trump. We fix elections, start wars and it’s all been for nothing and the left hums along in as Robert Higgs says, “participatory fascism.” He makes no illusions that we are run by the Congressional Military Industrial Complex. In addition, Horton also hosts the Scott Horton Show podcast. His book Fool's Errand: Time to End the War in Afghanistan (2017) is an account of the War in Afghanistan, which argues that the United States should end its presence in the country.


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