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There are a Lot More Libertarians Than You Thought

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

While there hasn't been an academic paper produced estimating, a number of quality surveys have been produced to let us answer the question of who many libertarians are there, and where are they. We've put together a quick summary of some of the best.

There are a lot more Libertarians than you thought.

  • At least between 10-20% of Americans are libertarians – similar to levels of liberals and conservatives –

  • And whole lot of them live in Texas and the West. - Reason

  • Nearly a third of Millennials may be libertarian. – Reuters

  • 1/3rd more likely than retirees - Pew

  • Hispanics 3x more likely to be libertarian than whites - Pew

Sources: Reuters, Reason,, Cato Institute, Pew Research Center



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