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We Need Better Writers

Ahh…election time… a time for raucous debate, thought provoking conversations about ideas and strong, smart candidates, ready to save the country from itself…The excitement of watching who of the crème de le crème will rise to the top, a sort of fall classic, if you will… oh. Wait… That’s season two of the West Wing.

My life needs better writers and we can’t afford Aaron Sorkin, so here we are.

Again, we are stuck with two substandard, mediocre C-minus brains with criminal ethics and blood on their hands. Again, the chickenshit American electorate will rationalize for the “lesser of two evils,” because television says so and they need their Hate Porn like a meth addict needs a hit. Again, the sins of the relative spirit animals will be absolved for just one more cycle. God forbid any actual democracy is exercised as that never plays well at cocktail parties.

Sadly, this is a moment the Democrats could re-brand themselves, while truthfully, they won’t. They could, if they were truly progressive, and if they were truly for the middle class and the poor…Instead, they’re a bunch of Republican lite paid for assholes who are simply cool with abortion and gay people and think guns are icky. As the stimulus bills have shown, Dems are fine with the status quo and the largest upward transfer of wealth in world history; roughly seven trillion dollars. Real unemployment is at 20% and rent and mortgage moratoriums are running out at this writing. What happens to these people who can’t work? We are a banana republic now, complete with two bit cronies, wide open larceny, and warrantless arrests in unmarked cars by unidentified law enforcement. At least the SS had those cool Hugo Boss uniforms where you could see them coming.

The Democrats could be talking about universal, single payer healthcare, free college (because it used to be free and that’s a fact so drop the bullshit), abolishing the electoral college (which is a holdover from slavery and later Jim Crow), UBI, ending super delegates, ending forever wars, and bringing back $4 trillion in corporate assets from overseas havens and tax the hell out them at a fair, corporate U.S. rate. Instead, they’re kneeling in tribal garb, knocking over statues. Is it “fair” or “pro-capitalist” that Apple (yeah, fucking Apple) pays .005% in taxes because they shelter their funds in Ireland? They are not alone…

Is it right that we spent $7 trillion dollars in the last 19 years for bullshit, miniature dirt wars that have nothing to do with our freedom, while questioning the price of healthcare, welfare or education and imposing even more austerity in the middle of a pandemic? There is so much more on the progressive platform that Democrats claim to be as opposed to the corporate, spineless wonks the American people know them to be. They are the cowards who allowed Obama to light the Mid-East on fire, failing to prosecute a single banker. W. left us with two wars, Obama left us with seven and had a Tuesday Morning kill list. 90% were civilians… but he’s so “cool.” That seems to trump integrity and moral courage.

It’s not like anyone believed the Orange One but his rhetoric had more guts than what Hillary was selling. What a pathetic kick in the head that is; Cheeto Jesus beat you because he merely said what he would do. Today, his followers still can’t admit they’ve been had (a rant for another day).

The Dems have been sold out since before 1992 when Bill Clinton and Al Gore started the Democratic Leadership Council which was basically a signal flare to Wall Street, “We are open for business and we’re nicer than the GOP.” In March of 2009, Obama met with 100 executives from all the banks and promised that no indictments were forthcoming as he appointed Tim Geithner (Goldman Sachs) at Treasury. Even Obama’s entire cabinet came from a Citigroup email. True story.

Obama? Clinton? Same as W. who was Clinton’s third and fourth term, as Obama was W.’s third and fourth term as Trump is Obama’s third and fourth term. How many wars did he get us out of? How many “good jobs” came back to the U.S.? Before the pandemic, same as Obama.

Interesting statistic: between 1932 and 1980, the American worker took home 70% of the nation’s growth from post-depression/recession recovery. Since 1980, that same worker has gotten zilch, nil, none of the growth whatsoever as wages have stagnated. However, Obama saw fit for taxpayers to give AIG and Wall Street corporate bonuses while hard working Americans lost their homes to the tune of 5.1 million families.

By the way, I could go on and I’m not even being creative, so I’ll get to the punch line; Democrats, it’s time to save your craven souls. Bernie Sanders played sheepdog twice to run the vile prom queen who was a corporate war monger, pro banking hack with the type of credentials to have an “R” next to her name. Now, he backs an incontinent, senile racist who invented the modern prison system. These are Republican policies that should have you howling at the moon like you are about Trump and his crew.

Since 1980, both parties have basically had equal control of the government; 16 years of corporate Dems and 24 years of the GOP if you count the Congressional baton hand offs. Now, here we are. Democrats, you’re at least half responsible. Get a message and say something people can get behind. People get behind you when you show balls. 100 million people stayed home the last three cycles. You want them to vote for you? Come and get them.


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