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Why Am I A Libertarian?

The following is an exclusive piece for this site.

Seven years ago this past month, I became a member of the Libertarian Party after being supportive of the Democratic Party since the beginning of my teenage years. Early this week, I shared a post on how 57% of Americans want a third party, and (as usual) the people who liked my post were my fellow friends who identified strongly as Libertarians (either they be members of the party or not). I'm very passionate when it comes to the aspects of Libertarianism. Minimum Government, More Personal and Economic Freedom, the Non-Aggression Principle, and much more that any Libertarian is familiar with.

In 2016, when I became fully involved with the Libertarian Party of Guadalupe County, I joined Ross Leone III (our County Chair at the time) as a co-contributor for the Seguin Gazette's A Libertarian View. In the first column I ever wrote, Rejecting the lesser evil: A Libertarian in the making (or as it was originally known as The Switch: How I Became a Libertarian when I wrote it), I discussed how I became a Libertarian when a good friend of mine, Zachary Hudson, had a discussion with me about my political beliefs. After said conversation, he told me, "Nolan, it sounds like your more Libertarian than Democratic." After more conversations with him, I realized that my views weren't with the Democratic Party, and I eventually left the Left to join the Libertarians. After that, my views began to mature into the ones I have today.

I'm for little to no government, since I've realized long ago (and still is relevant today) that government creates more problems and issues than they resolve. I'm strongly for gun rights and free speech as well as anyone's choice to put whatever they want in their bodies (either it be healthy or unhealthy food, alcoholic beverages, tobacco or cannabis, etc.). Though I'm morally against abortion, I believe it's not the government's right to be involved in the matter. I'm also against big government spending as well as government getting involved in our great economic system of free enterprise by regulating it. Even as a born-again Christian, I support anyone's right to believe and worship whatever faith they have, and I even support those who are not religious.

The two party system has long failed us, and to keep voting a failed system is the same as trying to fix a badly busted water pipe with Scotch tape. I believe, under Libertarian leadership, we can fix the problems this country has, and I know it can be done.

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I worked in the LP for years in all positions, but gave up after it degenerated into about 5 members who didn't do much but to promote support for gays, etc. They seem to have lost their rudder in my area, so I returned to work with some very good Republicans. It was a sad loss, and nowadays they don't even have meetings or any productive work.

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